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Serving you variety of plants including Aralia Plant, Spikenards Plant, Aurelia White Plant, Black Ficus Plant, Mango Plant, Lemon Plant, Hybrid Coconut Plant, etc...

About Us

Plants are an essential part of human life. They are needed for oxygen and to carry out other life activities. Without them life would be barren on earth. Plants are also used for aesthetic and medicinal purposes. Having fresh plants in your home or at your workplace not only serves you fresh air it also serves other benefits such as it can be used as a source of medicine, a way of worshiping god, can be used in many food delicacies etc. Understanding this requirement, we, Shree Usha Kiran Nursery, have entered into the market in the year 2000. We are a proud manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of a wide variety of plants which includes Chlorophytum Plant, Bougainvillea Plant, Aurelia White Plant, Mango Plant, Lemon Plant, Hybrid Coconut Plant, etc.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is one of the important elements to ensure your company stays ahead in the business. We understand this requirement and to serve different types of plants we have ensured that we buy premium quality seeds and cultivate them. Also, we give the clients proper tips while delivering our range of plants. Our tips include how to take care of your plants, where to place them, how to store them in appropriate conditions where they can grow and flourish as well as how to protect them from insects and other bugs which can destroy a plant. We also ensure customer satisfaction by giving them fresh plants at affordable prices.

Overview of Our Nursery

The plants in our nursery are placed properly. We have different shelves and different plants according to their sizes and area are placed. Moreover, we have ensured that our plants receive proper sunlight and we water them daily in the required amount so that they can grow as well as gain nutrition from the soil. Moreover, our nursery is made in such a way that its easily located and we have ample space for moving as well as for keeping new plants.

Some Noteworthy Points

Some key points which are helping us stand tall in the market are:

  • We deliver our products on time.
  • We make sure that we deliver healthy plants which do not contain any diseases.
  • Our product range which includes Aurelia White Plant, Mango Plant, Lemon Plant, Hybrid Coconut Plant,etc. is moderately priced. 

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